Understanding the Tipping Point
of Urban Conflict

Understanding the Tipping Point of Urban Conflict: Violence, Cities, and Poverty Reduction in the Developing World

Urban violence is an increasingly significant but much misunderstood global phenomenon.

The Urban Tipping Point project seeks to understand how, why, and under what circumstances the conflict inherent to city living can tip over into generalised violence, focusing in particular on the role played by factors such as poverty, youth, political exclusion, and gender-based insecurity.

The project brings together researchers from North and South, and will seek to promote innovative policy initiatives aiming to break strategic linkages within urban violence chains.

The project is funded by an award from the ESRC/DFID Joint Scheme for Research on International Development (Poverty Alleviation).

Project Output

For publications, including working papers and policy briefs, go to the research output section.

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For all project dissemination resources, including local and global dissemination events, see the dissemination section.

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Project Concept

Project framework diagram

Latest News and Events

Project end date

The end date of the UTP project is 31 August 2012. This website will remain live until late 2014.

Publications translated

Some of the UTP Policy Briefs and Working Papers have been translated into Hindi, Spanish, Swahili and Tetum following local dissemination events and to increase outreach of the research findings. To download all the documents see the Project Publications page.

"pretty close to the perfect research project"

- Duncan Green (Head of Research, Oxfam Great Britain) at UTP global policy dissemination event.

Research findings and policy recommendations shared at workshop and public panel discussion in Geneva on 12 June. For further details and outcomes of the event, please see the global dissemination page.

Read Duncan Green's responses to the UTP project on his Oxfam blog From Poverty to Power, and on the World Bank blog Peoples, Spaces, Deliberation.

UTP project in the media

Members of the research team have been interviewed in local print and broadcast media while disseminating the project findings in each of the four research cities. See the multimedia section for links to the articles and programmes.

More news

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